The original idea was as follows: to photograph all the buildings built between WWI and WWII (the ‘Mesopolemos’ period) in the greater center of Athens. Between November 2010 and June 2011, we photographed about 500 buildings and selected 46 of our best photographs. In 1930, and for a decade hereafter, numerous Bauhaus-style apartment buildings where built in Athens, introducing a series of modernist innovations and transforming Athens into a city with a clear architectural style. The buildings of the ‘mesopolemos’ period, in addition to their purely architectural interest, have been homes to many of us. The aim of the photography was therefore twofold: the creation of a photographic architectural archive, but also the artistic photography that can touch our soul.

The exhibition took place in October 2011, at the architectural studio “studio arco”, by Thomas Ditsas and Pavlos Agathis.