PE.P.E., the Environmental Education Kiosk

PE.P.E. (‘Environmental Education Kiosk’) is a prototype kiosk consisting of a wooden cube, the school’s “action and information center”, a metal cube with a more outdoor character that functions as a small “garden” and a folding table for workshops or lessons. The two cubes are connected to an ‘accordion’-folding pergola, and they enter each other, so the kiosk occupies as little space as possible and protects itself when it is closed.

-Presents the kiosk’s possible functions and proposes self-management strategies of the space to the students.
-Encourages the students to create an archive of environmental topics, each of which can become the starting point for an environmental project.
-Introduces students to the design and implementation of a project.

The implementation of the PE.P.E. kiosk took place in Skopelos, in the yard of the Peparithio Primary School (June 2014). Its final assembly and installation took place on a school day, in front of the curious eyes of the young students. During the construction, students undertook the transplanting of herbs into the kiosk’s pots and discussed environmental issues through various play activities. They also became acquainted with the architects and with the issues of design and construction. We hope that ‘PEPE’ will become an environmental hub for Skopelos students and that this will be a small beginning for better environmental management in the coming decades ..