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About Us

The Koinos Topos Institute non-governmental organization is based in Athens, Greece. It is made up of a broad group of architects, environmentalists, biologists, social and political scientists, teachers and artists working on the cultivation of collective consciousness, sustainability and social justice.

We design holistic, systemic and sustainable solutions for the organization of urban, suburban and rural areas, with an emphasis on participatory planning. In our search, the wisdom of nature and the collective intelligence of human communities lead us.

We undertake educational, informational, cultural, environmental and research activities.

We know that even if we do not find the solutions ourselves, we can help create the necessary living space for them to emerge. So, inevitably, our key activities we do in collaboration with children.
Through our work we aim to share our values, giving our best in what we strive for.

What We Do


    The Koinostopos Institute participates with two programs at the actionaid center 'EPIKENTRO'. The first "Tours" program takes place at 2 points of interest in the wider area of Kolonos and is targeted at elementary school classes. The activities carried out are part of the process of experiential learning. Through a 'treasure hunt' specially designed for the Hippios Kolonos Hill and Academia Platonos respectively, children are invited to follow the steps and solve the puzzles that will reveal their 'secrets', past and present of each point of interest. The second program "Constructing in my neighborhood" takes place in the EPIKENTRO center in Kolonos and concerns high school children. Its purpose is to gain knowledge of design and construction issues by applying geometry and engineering to practice while developing their understanding and skills.


    The "Fix Your School" program mainly focuses on urban centers and aims to improve school yards with the involvement of the school community. Through participatory design we recognize the school yard as the first public space that one encounters in one’s social life, where we learn to claim and respect it. We focus on mitigating social conflicts with the common goal of a modern sustainable school which students and teachers feel as their own and were they are happy to study and teach in it. The 'PE.P.E.' Environmental Education Kiosk program, addresses schools in the province with the aim of creating a space where classes can take place outside of classrooms.
    We focus on environmental issues, encouraging students to create a bank of environmental issues, both locally and on a wider scale.


    Playground organization and management is a major issue for public space in today's cities. The Koinostopos Institute specializes in the organization of playgrounds ensuring the free and equal access of children while proposing participatory management of the space by parents. Our goal is to design and implement a space that, while originally intended exclusively as a playground, in a place for children to interact with nature using natural materials, planting trees and plants.


    Through the exhibitions we aim to on one hand be with the people who support us and make our activities known to the public, and on the other give space to people who want to talk through various forms of art on issues that concern them and are a common ground for us.



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